Dr Kirpal SIngh

Dr Kirpal Singh is an internationally recognised and respected creativity guru. The Chief Academic Officer at TVI — Training Vision Institute is known for his poems and books. Among the numerous books he has written, Thinking Hats and Coloured Turbans: Creativity Across Cultures is a unique contribution to creativity scholarship. The former Director of Wee Kim Wee Centre, SMU, Dr Kirpal is highly respected among Singapore’s creative and literary circles. He is an accomplished poet, literary and cultural critic, an editor, a researcher, a lecturer and proponent of creative thinking.

He bears the distinction of being the first Asian director of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in 1993 and 1994. He feels that a writer can be quite lonely in Singapore because there is no time for in-depth discussions. Hence, he seeks to educate people to think metaphorically, to think across boundaries and cultural frames. He hopes there will be more exchanges of opinions among writers from different cultures.

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