Since the initial Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, the world has continued the process of evolution, initially at a slower rate, but picking up speed over the decades and centuries.
As we undergo the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are seeing a dramatic shift, as the lines between the physical, digital and biological realms blur.

And it’s not going to end here.

The push for change has taken on competitive overtones as countries try and outdo each other for dominance. Large businesses look to artificial intelligence to push out things only once imaginable.

As the futurists dream up for trends that will become reality, and start-ups create new ways of disrupting to improve our lives, the public worry about the daily issues. Cost of living, employment, job security, weigh heavy on the minds of the majority.

How will the various parts come together in a system that works today and will evolve for tomorrow?

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN looks at the needs and wants of the world.

Built around the topic The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Future, the session leads off with a keynote by author Mark Lautman, who looks at the New Economic Development Game and what it means to business, government and the public.

Our panel discussion explores the challenges and opportunities that various industries will present and face to the world.

For business leaders, here’s an opportunity to test the future and connect with makers and adopters of future.


It’s Not Rocket Science…It’s Harder!

Learning To Trust Artificial Intelligence

Keep It Going — Unconventional Design Thinking

The New Tech-New Jobs Disconnect

Should We Reprogramme Our AI Programs?

3 Ways To Engage Millennials At Work

So You Want To Be Successful

Goldbell — Ringing In The Future

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