The Future Of Macritchie concert is an open invitation for people from all walks of lives and living in all parts of Singapore to understand the issues surrounding MacRitchie and the upcoming Cross Island MRT Line (CRL).

A group of volunteers has come together to raise the awareness about a potentially serious threat to MacRitchie, which is part of the remaining 1% of our primary forest that lies mainly in the Central Catchment Nature Reserves.

The proposed construction of a tunnel through the forest for the CRL will affect the biodiversity. Johnson’s Freshwater Crab is waiting anxiously. It is endemic to Singapore in the whole world, and is at risk of extinction.

How can we ensure the delicate balance between nature and progress doesn’t destroy the natural charm of MacRitchie, which has been a favourite nature spot for Singaporeans and tourists.

Engagement between Government and nature groups since 2014 has already yielded positive results, resulting in an Environmental Impact Assessment being conducted.

The final decision on the exact alignment of the CRL is still pending with assurances by the Government that all views from stakeholders will be heard and taken into consideration.

So, if you care about MacRitchie and Singapore’s future, it’s time to come together and show that we mean it.

If you do so, the Johnson Freshwater Crab will be delighted. And remember it has no MP to write letters that will save it!

Reservoir Deck, MacRitchie Reservoir Park
181 Lornie Road,Singapore 297732

What MacRitchie means to me

What MacRitchie means to lawyer turned singer Rani Singam, who composed the song The Line to address the issue of the Cross Island MRT Line running through MacRitchie.

Find out more about MacRitchie by joining the nature walks organized by Better Trails.

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