This question applies to bosses and employees.

The world’s love affair with the virtual world and technology is affecting how we live and work. New industries are forming, established ones are crumbling. And it is increasingly difficult to plan in a world of disruption.

People are finding it tough going to keep up with AI, IoT, machine learning and the digital deluge that is shaping this era.

Here then is the opportunity to hear from experts and practitioners about the future of new industries, the next generation of jobs, and the impact of the new on the old.

JOBS 20XX: Work In Progress is the first of a series of regional discussions that will plot a path towards a clearer appreciation of what lies on the horizon.

In a dynamic region with the world’s largest population bases, and with a diversity of industry focuses, the opportunities for work will always be there.

But what jobs will be available and what training will you require?
In the last year, STORM magazine curated a series of open discussions on these issues as part of its Keep It Going series.

The monthly discussions covered a range of topics — from design thinking to the sharing economy and the future of society — and brought together speakers from the private and public sectors.

Our partners include large and smaller organisations and agencies and embassies.

Through the various discussions there emerged one constant hot topic.


Working with partners from a variety of industries, JOBS 20XX will start off with discussions in a selection of ASEAN countries in 2020.

Job creation is an ongoing process defined by the needs of industry and shaped by the dynamism of innovation.

We are encouraging partners from various industries to join us on this journey. To share insights and ideas to develop JOBS20XX into a platform that allows companies in the region to understand what will shape their future, and the opportunities that could be developed across boundaries.

Sponsorship of this series will provide an opportunity for your brand to communicate with a regional audience of decision makers and industry leaders about your role in job creation, employment and employability.

For more information please contact jobs20xx@storm-asia.com


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is loved and feared. Businesses that work in the digital space will want lots of data crunched and solutions and opportunities found quickly to stay ahead. Industries still searching for digital solutions and are being disrupted are fearing the worst. What is the current situation, and how are organisations able to recruit the people who will make a difference?

As AI continues to expand its influence in our world, the benefits and threats to industries and individuals have to be constantly monitored and evaluated. What do you have to watch out for?

Southeast Asia is made up of vibrant economies at various levels of development and with a variety of industries that are being developed. How will the future of the region be shaped as geo-political tensions continue to influence domestic and regional economies? What will it take to forge ahead as a region, and will there be opportunities for the flow of talent across borders? Our panellists will address the broad questions and issues, while providing tips for adequate readiness.

Given the diversity of cultures, religions and business interests in the Southeast Asia region, businesses trying to cross boundaries will have to be prepared to juggle several variables. What are some of the challenges and opportunities our panellists observe?

Sean Hudspeth studied engineering and has decided to take the fast track in his career. He drives Ferrari cars in Europe and has just won the Italian GT Spring Championship. His is a career that is glamorous as it is demanding. Sean shares some of his thinking behind setting up his own motorsport event company at JOBS20XX - Work In Progress. Read the interview The Italian Job with STORM-ASIA.

Arthur Chua helms Goldbell, as the second generation family leadership. Is the family business model one that is relevant in a time of disruption and where decisions need to be made based on facts and data rather than catering to the emotional climate of the family?

The family business has often kept its wealth within the bloodlines. But a new wave of digital enterprises may force diversification upon the family concern, leading to new ideas being necessary for continued growth and survival. What is the scope for family businesses and are they facing extinction? Our panellists weigh in with their views based on their real-world experiences.

As new indsutries pop up, many of them are curiosities in their nascent stages. It's difficult to find funding and support, and it's also a challenge finding the right talent to help grow the concern. Hear how our panellists overcame the issues of the start up in search of talent.

There are industries that have helped lay the foundation of a nation's growth. In Singapore, the maritime industry shipped opportunities to the country. A strong food culture will always attract a strong following. And as the digital age settles in things that were kept in storage, can be found in the cloud. These are industries that have to think well outside of the box to remain relevant and at the leading edge. Our panellists talk about the changes that need to be effected to be effective.

It's true that we are devoted to our devices. But it's not all passive activity, as we can see from the number of apps being released. Frank Aernout is an avid follower of trends and talks about the next wave of digital delights.

"When technology is rapidly changing, the skills that don't change is the most important.
"As robots, algorithms, AI and self service take over, our current educational system is still on rote learning.
"To survive we need to train our people on human skills and soft skills to create new businesses. These skills include Curiosity, Courage, Compassion, Commitment, Collaboration and Calmness."
Jack Sim is a serial entrepreneur who wants to give back to society. The founder of the World Toilet Organization has been pushing hard to bring sanitation to rural communities. It's a global endeavour that has exposed him to a multitude of viewpoints. He is in the midst of setting up a world trade centre for the Base Of The Pyramid. Jack Sim is always a thought-provocative and engaging speaker.

What does the next generation that is about to enter the work force want out of employment or entrepreneurial opportunities? Our panellists present their observations and articulate their hopes in this discussion which is aimed at bridging any divides that may be present.

Our JOBS20XX survey on the future of jobs is underway. We take a look at the results of the survey as they stand. The survey is ongoing and is designed for anyone aged 18-30 to take, anywhere in the world. It is in English. We investigate the shaping trends.
For those who would like to take the survey, please visit https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/7JCNB1
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Head - Digital Workplace Service Group, Ricoh (Singapore)
Alvyn Lim is enthusiastic about new technologies and how they can be applied in a practical context. He has over 15 years of corporate work under his belt.
Arthur Chua
CEO - Goldbell Group
Arthur worked his way up in the family business – he rose through the ranks of various divisions in Goldbell to build knowledge and experience in the industrial vehicle industry.
Not using
Ben Chong’s three-decade journey with Ricoh, a multinational imaging and electronics company began in 1989 when he joined its headquarters in Tokyo shortly after graduating from tertiary education.
Chef Manju Mural
Director - Cuisine, Song of India
Chef Manju is celebrated for bringing the star to the Song Of India, a fine-dining restaurant that elevates Indian cuisine.
Dr Sanjay Kuttan
Executive Director - Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI)
Dr Sanjay has over 30 years of experience in key positions in private and public sectors across industries
Emma Goh
Undergrad - Yale-NUS College
If you think of a change quotient, think of Emma Goh. Emma’s modus operandi always includes the element of meaningful disruption so as to rejuvenate processes and find renewed purpose.
CEO - Nalantis
Frank is a passionate entrepreneur and the CEO of Nalantis, a company which builds products and solutions that understands natural language using artificial intelligence.
Vice President and GM, Asia Pacific, Zoho Corp
Gibu Mathew is Vice President and GM (APAC) for Zoho Corp. He has worked in many areas of the tech organisation for close to two decades.
Director and Managing Partner - Brainwave Training (Singapore), Brainwave Consultants (Malaysia)
Gobi believes that every person has potential for greatness and it’s a matter of finding and grooming it for further growth.
Helen Ong
Founder - Senses.Live Pte Ltd
Helen Ong the first interior designer to integrate ID elements into feng shui principles. A licensed practitioner in “Biogeometry Home-balancing Solutions”.
Founder - World Toilet Organization
Jack’s global mission of adequate sanitation to end poverty for the world’s poor has enabled him to fulfill “living the useful life”.
Dr Jerome Boyd-Kirkup
Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer - Hummingbird Bioscience
Dr Jerome Boyd-Kirkup oversees the development of new technologies and intellectual property for drug discovery, among other roles at Hummingbird Bioscience.
Jessie Cheong
Managing Director - Connectere Singapore
Jessie Cheong brings close to 20 years of regional experience, marketing ETS (Educational Testing Service) products to multinational corporations, regional headquarters and government agencies.
Kannan Chandran
Publisher - STORM-ASIA.COM
Having been in the word game since the 1980s as a journalist with The Straits Times, then as the Managing Editor for regional publications, like The Peak, Kannan Chandran has been an active observer of the media industry.
Kenny Eng
Director - Nyee Phoe Group
Kenny Eng is the Director of Nyee Phoe Group (NPG), a horticulture business and a thought leader in the farm entertainment space.
Dr Kirpal SIngh
Director - Centre for Educational Leadership, Training Vision Institute
Dr Kirpal Singh is an internationally recognised and respected poet and creativity guru. He is the Chief Academic Officer at Training Vision Institute is known for his poems and books.
Ku Swee Yong
CEO - International Property Advisor Pte Ltd
Ku Swee Yong offers alternative views and solutions on the property market. Besides running his property agency, IPA, he is an adjunct lecturer and has authored 5 books on the subject.
Lena Soh-Ng
CEO - Huntington Communications
As Founding Partner of Huntington Communications, Lena Soh-Ng has counselled industry giants including 3M, AkzoNobel, IKEA, Fuji Xerox and Watsons
Mahendran Reddy
Deputy Director - National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster
Mahendran Reddy is an architect turned designer with incredible insights into how 3D printing and new technologies will build a future that promises to be vastly different.
Mike Hagbeck
Chief Executive - Storage-solution companies: StorHub Self Storage & Space Next Door, Store-It! Self Storage
Mike Hagbeck's expertise in the self-storage industry spans several markets. As the CEO of StorHub and Space Next Door, he brings new ideas to the issue of space.
Owner & Director - Sean Hudspeth Motorsports
Sean is a 25 year old professional racing driver who has been competing in the international arena for over 10 years.
Wladmir Ramos Silva
Managing Partner - DHR International
Wladmir Silva heads the consumer and retail practice for Asia Pacific and the Middle East divisions of DHR International.

Email jobs20xx@storm-asia.com for entry passes. Please include your name and mobile number in the message to gain access to the building. Limited seats available.

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