About Storm Asia

Since 2009, STORM has taken the issues that matter and discussed them in a practical way. The world is changing on many fronts, throwing up more questions than answers can keep up. It’s also opening loads of fresh opportunities for those with the initiative to be innovative, but, in the process, causing mayhem to the ways of the world.

With the acceleration of changes speeding things along, there are many issues that could do with better answers.

So, STORM started its series of Keep It Going events that took up the current topics and brought in people who knew what was going on to share their knowledge and understanding of where things were headed.

Sometimes, you may not like what you hear, but you will find it helpful in planning your strategy.

Through interviews with newsmakers and leaders, STORM has built a following for delivering content that has addressed the needs of society. Our articles reach out to a wide array of people who help shape current and future thinking.

It’s the kind of information that has won it international awards.

From a design perspective, STORM has always been willing to experiment. From a landscape format, it reshaped itself into a handier portrait publication. It is now a pure digital publication.

But the issues are wider than just Singapore. The world is connected and STORM is moving into the region.

It celebrated its 10th anniversary by bringing the events, discussions and understanding to the region. To reflect this, STORM is now www.storm-asia.com with a bold and contemporary new look.

Be part of this community that wants to add to the shape of the future.